Post-Acute Care Network, LLC (PACN) has been in business since October 2011. With 235 years of combined experience in health care on our leadership team and governance board, we can help you reach your goals by: improving patient outcomes / experiences, improving population health, and reducing the cost of health care through care redesign and payment reform.

We've secured our position in the market. Have You?

Post-Acute Care Network, LLC (PACN) is a trusted resource for both acute and post acute care providers to succeed in a value based care environment.  PACN can provide innovative strategies for all providers who want to be seen as market leaders in managing patient risk and improving the quality of care.  PACN member partners have proven track records of success under the Bundle Payment for Care Improvement Initiative (BPCI).


PACN’s Leadership team was carefully selected to help you navigate and succeed in value based care.