Offering strategies to succeed in a changing health care landscape.

What partnering with PACN can provide for you:

Hospitals / Health Systems

  • Access to post-acute care providers who:
    • Provide high quality care
    • Manage the needs of patients after hospital stay
    • Manage post-acute care costs
    • Improve patient experience and satisfaction
    • Decrease unnecessary readmissions
    • Decrease length of stay

Post-Acute Care Providers

  • Tools and information to allow you to set your organization apart from other providers through
    • Access to our care redesign model and tools
    • Access to clinical best practices and process improvement
    • Access to expertise in Alternative Payment models and Episodic Payment Models
    • Access to Archway Carelink to track and analyze real-time patient data and outcomes

Improve Patient Outcomes

Our care redesign model provides a systematic approach for acute and post-acute care providers to put the best plan in place to ensure patients receive the care needed for a healthy and fast recovery.